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We have access to SBA loans, credit lines, factoring, and many other traditional and alternative lending products. Ask about our products that do not require tax returns or credit checks.


Need help with your marketing message or with operational issues? Need help negotiating a business deal? We have both hourly and bulk consulting packages. Our experienced team can help you get started.


Unsure whether you need a C Corp, S Corp or LLC? We can help you choose the correct entity for your unique situation. Have your corporation formed the right way.


Our CPAs and tax professionals specialize in business and corporate returns. We can assist you with your tax strategy and filing needs, both for your business and personal tax filings.

FREE CONSULTATION for those who need to form a corporation or LLC.

Each individual has a different set of circumstances. Our difference is that you actually get to speak to someone regarding your unique situation. We can answer your questions and explain why you need a C corporation vs. an S corporation vs. an LLC.

Experienced CPAs

We have CPAs and Accounting Professionals that offer their perspectives on your choice of entity.

Seasoned Business Professionals

We combine the business, legal, and accounting viewpoints for the most comprehensive look at your business.

We build long-lasting client relationships nationwide.


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Important FAQs

Why do I need a corporation or LLC?

Corporations and LLCs not only can save you thousands in taxes, but can protect your personal assets if you get sued by one of your clients. Learn how to have your corporation or LLC legally pay for many of your personal expenses. Advanced tactics even allow for your corporation to put a lien on your home to protect it from lawsuits on the personal side. Ask us how.

Which is better? C Corp, S Corp, or LLC?

If your CPA tells you to always go with an LLC or to never form a C Corp, run! Each individual and business situation is different and no one size fits all. Call us for a FREE consultation and we will assess your unique business and tax situation to give you a tailored recommendation.

Can I set up a corporation on my own?

You absolutely can set up a corporation or LLC on your own. Let the experts do it for you to avoid costly mistakes in the setup process. Also take advantage of our free consultation to help you determine whether a C Corp, S Corp, or LLC is best for you.

How do I file taxes for my corporation or LLC?

Business filings are complicated and need CPAs that focus on corporations and LLCs. CPAs that focus on individual tax filings can leave thousands of tax write-offs on the table. Our CPAs are business owners themselves and are experts when it comes to the nuances of corporate filings.

I formed my corporation. Now what?

Now you need to legally move your business into your corporation (or LLC). We can help you move your vehicle expenses to your corporation, set up retirement plans, set up health benefit plans, rent office space from your home, set up loans to the business owner, and many other advanced strategies to take advantage of all that corporations offer.

We have been helping business grow since 2005.

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